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9 weight-loss mistakes ruining your body goals – Body Transformation Week 11

Healthista’s Olivia Hartland-Robbins is on week eleven of her body transformation at Transition Zone gym and she has lost 6kg and is down to 20.5 percent body fat It’s the penultimate despatch from my 12 week transformation journey (what are you going to do without me?) and I have seriously upped my game in both… Read More »

What happens to your body when you’re dehydrated

Table of Contents What is dehydration? Signs and symptoms of dehydration What causes dehydration? Who is at risk of dehydration? How to prevent dehydration Sports drinks and other sweetened beverages will not keep you hydrated Choose to drink living water Other natural thirst-quenchers for preventing dehydration The key to avoiding dehydration: Listen to your body… Read More »