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White House Plan to Disclose Drug Prices May Not Drive Down Costs: Study

Print this page FRIDAY, Jan. 25, 2019 — By itself, a Trump administration plan to make drug companies disclose the cost of their medicines in TV ads is unlikely to help tame drug prices, a new study shows. Researchers did find that revealing the cost of expensive drugs in ads would significantly lower patient demand… Read More »

United Airlines cracks down on 'emotional support' animal air travel

United Airlines is closing a loophole for passengers who try to avoid traveling fees when they fly with their pets. United will only let dogs and cats be designated as “emotional support animals” and won’t let passengers get on a plane with kittens or puppies who are younger than four months. It also will not… Read More »

Cutting Down On Drinking Can Help You Quit Smoking

Research has revealed that heavy drinkers who’re attempting to quit smoking could find that limiting their alcohol consumption could also help them to quit smoking.[1] The nicotine metabolite ratio of study participants who consumed alcohol heavily reduced as their alcohol consumption was limited. Nicotine metabolite ratio is a biomarker which indicates how fast an individual’s… Read More »