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Washington's rude healthcare awakening

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee wants to create a state-run health insurance plan to compete against private coverage on the Evergreen State’s Obamacare exchange. This plan, known as a “public option,” is a terrible idea. It’d be a boondoggle for taxpayers and open the door to a future single-payer system. Inslee claims a public option… Read More »

University of Chicago Medicine study shows need to enhance patient rest, evaluate overnight interruptions for better patient experience – Healthcare Finance News

A new study published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine shows a hospital program designed to help patients get more rest for a better recovery process called SIESTA, or Sleep for Inpatients: Empowering Staff to Act, proved successful in cutting the number of times a patient was disturbed overnight and improved their experience. The program… Read More »

A New Healthcare Rule Designed to Protect Consumers Does Anything But – The Motley Fool

Of life’s many expenses, there’s perhaps none more baffling and frustrating than healthcare. After all, when a car breaks down, your mechanic must provide you with a detailed estimate of what it will cost to fix it, including replacement parts and labor. Medical care doesn’t work that way. Often, you’ll submit a copay and be… Read More »