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'Baby Grady' gives fertility hope to boys with cancer

Scientists say they have made a significant leap towards helping boys with cancer stay fertile, thanks to a baby monkey called Grady. Cancer treatment can damage a boy’s undeveloped testes and leaves a third of survivors infertile in adulthood. Baby Grady is the first primate born using frozen samples of testicles taken before her dad… Read More »

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Sponge offers hope of 'less toxic' chemotherapy

Scientists believe they may have found a way to make cancer chemotherapy treatment less toxic to the body. They have begun testing a tiny sponge that sits inside a vein and removes excess chemo drugs from the blood once they have attacked the target tumour. Experts say the early work, in the journal ACS Central… Read More »

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Healthcare REITs: Hope For 2019 – Seeking Alpha

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Healthcare REITs: Hope For 2019  Seeking Alpha Healthcare REIT fundamentals remain weak, but 2018 appears to have been the bottom of a half-decade long stretch of deteriorating operating performance. "Health|HealthCare" – Google News

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