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World Aspergillosis Day 2019: Learn How to Pronounce ‘Aspergillosis’ From This Video

World Aspergillosis Day on the first of February (File Image) The first day of the second month of the year witnesses a number of international days. One such event is – World Aspergillosis Day. No, it is not remotely related to garden asparagus or Asperger syndrome, commonly known as Asperger’s. So, what is Aspergillosis and… Read More »

Doctor Removes Three-Inch-Long Live Worm From Six-Year-Old's Nose in Vietnam, Video Goes Viral

Live worm in girl’s nose (Photo Credits: Ky Sinh YouTube) A doctor removed a three-inch-long worm from the nose of a six-year-old girl in Vietnam. The girl from Phin Ngan was taken to a doctor after she complained of discomfort near the nasal area. A video going viral on social media shows the doctor removing… Read More »

PETA Releases Video of Chicks Being Burnt, Drowned and Crushed To Death in Telangana and AP Hatcheries (WARNING: Disturbing Content)

Commercial hatcheries in our country- PETA. (Photo Credit: PETA) The poultry industry is also known to be one of the most gruesome animal industry, especially in India. Recently, PETA shared a heart-wrenching video of how chicks are being treated in commercial hatcheries in our country taking a strong stand against it. They released video evidence… Read More »