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Pollen count warning: Forecast today revealed – the worst time to go outside for hay fever

Hay fever is a common condition that’s caused by an allergy to different types of pollen, according to the NHS. Pollen is a fine powder that’s released by plants, and it contains proteins that can irritate the nose, throat and eyes. With around 20 per cent of the UK affected by hay fever, pollen count spikes… Read More »

PETA Releases Video of Chicks Being Burnt, Drowned and Crushed To Death in Telangana and AP Hatcheries (WARNING: Disturbing Content)

Commercial hatcheries in our country- PETA. (Photo Credit: PETA) The poultry industry is also known to be one of the most gruesome animal industry, especially in India. Recently, PETA shared a heart-wrenching video of how chicks are being treated in commercial hatcheries in our country taking a strong stand against it. They released video evidence… Read More »