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Doctors trying to prevent recurrent miscarriages were misguided in looking only at women

Faulty sperm may be the reason why women suffer multiple miscarriages, scientists suspect, after finding that men whose partners struggle to carry a child to term have more DNA errors. Researchers at Imperial College investigated the sperm quality of 50 men whose partners had experienced three or more consecutive miscarriages. After comparing the results with… Read More »

‘The results were impressive’: Drug to fight aging purges the body of damaged ‘zombie cells’

A drug to fight aging may finally be on the horizon after the first trials in humans showed “impressive” results. For many years, scientists have known that an accumulation of senescent cells in the body is linked to aging symptoms such as frailty and arthritis, as well as diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Senescent… Read More »

Vital conversation we’re not having

Such significant progress has been made in breaking down the stigma surrounding depression and anxiety that many people might think the battle has been won. But some 700,000 Australians living with complex mental illnesses have inadvertently been left out of the conversation. Away from increased and awareness, on the fringes of the important discussions, are… Read More »