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Gross Carnival ship earns the line’s worst sanitation grade ever

It’s enough to make you stay on land. A recent unannounced inspection of the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) resulted in the worst sanitation grade in the cruise line’s history. Bowls and utensils weren’t clean. Bagels and bread attracted “not less than 15 small flies” and sushi… Read More »

10 of the Best (and 5 of the Worst) Hospitals

Spiroview Inc/Shutterstock Two hospitals may look the same from the outside, but the kind of care going on inside can be dramatically different. And this isn’t just about the quality of food in the cafeteria or the friendliness of the nurses—it’s about serious issues like how many avoidable, deadly mistakes are made on a daily… Read More »

Pollen count warning: Forecast today revealed – the worst time to go outside for hay fever

Hay fever is a common condition that’s caused by an allergy to different types of pollen, according to the NHS. Pollen is a fine powder that’s released by plants, and it contains proteins that can irritate the nose, throat and eyes. With around 20 per cent of the UK affected by hay fever, pollen count spikes… Read More »