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What happens to your body when you’re dehydrated

Table of Contents What is dehydration? Signs and symptoms of dehydration What causes dehydration? Who is at risk of dehydration? How to prevent dehydration Sports drinks and other sweetened beverages will not keep you hydrated Choose to drink living water Other natural thirst-quenchers for preventing dehydration The key to avoiding dehydration: Listen to your body… Read More »

You’re Going To Want To Make This Healthy Pineapple & Banana Loaf

There’s nothing like the smell of a warm fruit loaf baking in the oven. A creative twist on your standard banana bread, this recipe by dietitians behind The Biting Truth includes pineapple as their star ingredient. Not only are pineapples are great for gut health thanks to their high fibre count and an enzyme called bromelain (which… Read More »