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The two soon fell into a gentle sleep. Marigold had informed Hancock of what had taken place as soon as she arrived home. But I swear if that man hurts her I will destroy him!! The two quietly left their happy sister alone and silently shut the door to give the two soundless rest.

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If you do not like this, feel free to tell me where to improve. If any part of this story is related to your story in any way, it is purely coincidental. The calm breeze. The bright sun. And the perfect book. If any of the Kuja found out the truth, Sandersonia and her sisters would be forced to leave the island. In battle, Sandersonia is boa playful warrior who teases and torments her victims before she crushes them. Sandersonia is close with her sisters Boa Hancock and Boa Marigold.

Having experienced the same cruel treatment by the hands of the World Noblesthey protect the shameful secret on their backs from anyone including the various islanders of Amazon Lily. Sandersonia is good friends with Silvers Rayleigh since he helped shelter her and her sisters after they escaped sandersonia the World Nobles. Sandersonia originally was antagonistic towards Monkey D. Luffyas seen in boa battle. However, she was amazed at his ability sandersonia use Haoshoku Haki but horny real housewives nude didn't change her mind until he protected her and her sisters by covering her slave mark before it was exposed to the other Kujas.

Boa Sandersonia

Sandersonia came to respect Luffy after he requested for the three Kujas to be turned back from stone than being selfish, learning that he struck a World Noble, and when he showed no scorn towards the Gorgon Sisters for being former slaves. After Luffy requested Hancock to help him rescue his brother AceSandersonia and Marigold were both angry at him until Hancock accepted his wish, leaving those two shocked.

Like her sisters Hancock and Marigold, Sandersonia considers the World Government as an enemy due to her and her sisters being slaves of the World Nobles. Ruling beside her sisters, Sandersonia has power over Amazon Lily and the rest of the Kuja women. Being a part of her sister's pirate crew, she is one of the elite Kuja warriors. She is shown to have a strong will, being able to resist Luffy's Haoshoku Haki. While she was a slave of the World NoblesSandersonia and her sandersonia were fed Devil Fruits as sandersonia of some sick form of entertainment sandersonia her former masters.

She in particular was fed the Hebi Boa no Mi, Model: Anaconda, a Zoan -class Sandersonia Fruit that allows her to transform into either an anaconda or a large naga-like creature and fight alongside her sister, Marigold, who was fed a similar Devil Fruit. While her powers to transform are Zoan Devil Fruit based, the Kuja of the island have been made to believe that Sandersonia's and Marigold's ability to turn into snakes is part of the curse the sisters made up.

Sandersonia can use Busoshoku Haki since she was able to physically harm Luffy despite him being rubber. When the Gorgon Sisters were young, they were captured by slave traders while out at sea, were sold off to some World Noblesand had their backs branded with the mark of slavery. As slaves, they were japanese teen boysex masturbation abused by their masters, and as part of a cruel form of entertainment, were fed Devil Fruits to amuse their masters.

Living in this pitiful state, Sandersonia sluty porn her sisters could only think of dying. Four years later, they were freed from this cruel life by the fish-man Fisher Tiger sandersonia, who attacked Mary Geoise and freed the fish-men slaves there. While Fisher Tiger hated humanshe did not discriminate within slaves and sandersonia freed the human slaves, which included Sandersonia and her sisters. Halberd :.

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Non-Canon :. Zoan Canon :. Artificial Devil Fruit :. Logia Canon :. Undetermined Class Canon :. Spear :. Trident :. Halberd :. She and her sisters are called the Gorgon sisters for supposedly heroically slaying a monster called the Gorgon. She is the younger sister of Boa Hancock and the elder sister of Boa Marigold.

Saito, Chiwa Japanese. Kaneda, Tomoko Japanese. Granato, Jolanda Italian. If any of the Kuja found out the truth, Sandersonia and her sisters would be forced to leave the island. Personality: Sandersonia appears very fond of her sister Hancock as noted by the fact she laughed at her sister's "twisted" personality.

While she appears to be living on the lie that her sisters and herself defeated a Gorgon to gain their curse, at the same time she hasn't actually told a lie herself unlike Hancock who is constantly lying. Sandersonia is the most emotional of the 3 sandersonia and highly emotional about their past, her crying had to be eased by her sister Marigold and drove her to collapse onto the floor. In battle Sandersonia is a boa warrior who teases boa torments her victims before she crushes them. Her long body slowly coiled around him and inspected him with large golden eyes.

She ignored your plea and took it sandersonia, hoping to find weapons but instead revealing your upper torso. You nodded your head quietly. Sandersonia felt sympathy to this unknown man whom had shared a similar fate as her and her sisters. If you betray this trust, I shall bite your head off! She lifted the cape of her back to expose the same slave mark.

She sat beside you and played with her hair. Amazon Lily has always forbade men. It only reinforced our hatred of men after we were freed from slavery by Fisher Naked african girl slaves You sighed as Sandersonia untied the ropes and broke boa chains holding you. She handed you your shirt back with an apologetic smile. You closed your eyes and briefly fell asleep boa Sandersonia watched over you. When news of Hancock's condition boa Elder Nyon, the old woman apparently confirmed their suspicions and told them that it was something the previous empresses of Amazon Lily had died of.

As all this was happening, Elder Nyon told Hancock that Luffy wanted to talk to her. Despite her condition, Hancock decided to talk to Luffy alone. Hiding alongside Marigold so they could eavesdrop, Sandersonia learned what Luffy wanted. It turned out that Ace, the one was to be executed by the World Government, was actually Luffy's older brother. The pirate asked Hancock to answer the compulsory Shichibukai call so he could join her and sneak into Impel Down where Ace was being held before his execution. Hearing this request, Sandersonia and Marigold were deeply outraged by what Luffy was asking.

Knowing how painful it was emotionally to return to the cursed "Holy Land", the two of them were expecting boa sister to turn Luffy into stone for asking such a thing. However much to their surprise, their sister accepted Luffy's request while blushing. It was then that Elder Nyon revealed to them that the disease that their sister had contracted was actually "love sickness".

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With her sister's decision, Sandersonia and the rest of the Kuja Pirates saw Boa Hancock and her snake off to Momonga's ship along with Luffy hiding in her coat. With their sister going to Mariejois, Sandersonia and Marigold promised Hancock that they would take care of Amazon Lily in her stead. After the war between the Whitebeard Pirates and sandersonia Marines, Sandersonia's sister came back to Amazon Lily along with several men, most notably a heavily injured Luffy.

As not to set a bad example, Hancock was forbidden to see Luffy until he boa fully recovered.


boa sandersonia stephanie mcmahon hot nude You had shipwrecked on the maiden island and now you boa several angry women glaring at you with arrows aimed for your head and heart. You had dared trespassed onto their sacred ground requesting help. She was by far one of the largest Kuja women. She towered above her little sister Boa Marigold. You may sandersonia get much sleep once our sister returns. You were now trapped with the anaconda woman.
boa sandersonia kissing pictures romantic couples gif Edit Character Information. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. Details Pictures Clubs. Sandersonia Boa. Appearance: Sandersonia is a large woman who resembles a snake. Her large head is shaped like that of a snake's and her tongue is forked. Like the rest of the Kuja, she dresses in very revealing clothing.
boa sandersonia big fat polanesian pussy Boa Marigold [5] is one of the three Gorgon sisters that rule over Amazon Lilyand one of the second-in commands of the Kuja Pirates. She and her sisters are called the Gorgon sisters for supposedly heroically slaying a monster called the Gorgon. When she was younger, Marigold was quite small and slim like her older sister. Now she is a muscled, fat, large woman, due to a similar training sandersonia used by sumo wrestlers to bulk themselves. Her hair is arranged in a boa that it looks like the patterns on a cobra's hood and to some extent, a Valkyrie 's helmet.
boa sandersonia anall tumblr Sandersonia is a large woman who resembles a snake. Her head is boa large and wide to her body and her long tongue is forked, often sticking out of her mouth and has sea green eyes amber in snake form. Like the rest of the Kuja, she dresses in very revealing clothing. She is usually seen accompanied with the large panther, Bacura, at her side instead of a snake like the other Kuja. Along with her sisters, her beauty is sandersonia admired by the Amazon Lily islanders.