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They can be grim and dark, but Harry Potter is not a children's book! There are complex subjects that younger kids won't understand. MY parents never had a problem except for the movies, and I saw 1,2,3,and 4 and then once I turned 12 they let me. My 7 year old daughter has read HP 1 - 6 and is currently reading 7.

She seems ok with it - she's mentioned it's a bit scary and sad in parts and she stopped reading for a couple of days but is now right back in it.

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I read it when I was seven, and I loved it. It was really fun and iunspirational. I'm now Some of the ratings say that it is inappropriate, but there are no sexual themes, and it is an excellent book for kids, exp. It's still not appropriate for a 7 year old.

It's more advanced than most YA, it's a YA series to begin with, it portrays the lives of teenagers dealing with violent and sometimes adult situations and has never been for little kids You're not supposed to let a 7 year old run through all of these books in one go. The Harry Potter series is a YA series aimed at readers years old. It has never been for little kids.

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I would encourage her to pick up the series again at Reading it at 7 blunts the stories impact. It's market sits int the age range.

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So, they aren't children's book in the strictest sense, even though no one wants to drop that term. The third book is especially iffy for a 7 year old, books are pretty much off for her, and the 7th one should be strictly off limits.

I recommend encouraging her to read it, or re-read it later. Again; the Harry Potter series isn't for little children. It's just too mature a story for a child of 7.

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I really agree with what RhetCultureMom said about teens being pushed out of the novels the Harry Potter novels speak grittily about the coming of age and the loss of innocence that all teens endure due the increasing stigma that these are "children's books" when they just don't resemble them at all.

They're a more mature form of literature in every way. Harry Potter certainly hit big enough initially to keep its wide audience, but to keep infantilizing the series and keep pushing it on kids way too young to appreciate it game to damage its future potential of reaching a wide audience. Which of course leads Jo, the author, who's never been shy about using graphic violence or gritty human struggles, emotions, and drama to get themes and messages across, to feel that she has to neuter her potter to keep from isolating an audience that she never intended to write for, at least exclusively.

This type of thing really decreases a stories ability to be enjoyed by pov whole variety of people. They're for teenagers. The children's misclassification is sort of frustrating and insulting given the fact that, again, the series doesn't resemble a children series, and that no one seems to want to address the middle ground. It's either for children or adults to some people, and even though it resembles the typical Young Sex series to a T, and game resembles adult literature in many ways, I still here people making up excuses left, right, and center, trying to limit its thematic significance by patronizing the absolute crap out of it.

Which is why I really don't take kindly to adults who shove it on their children at absurdly young, single-digit ages. It's just. For them. It's sends the message that they're interested in books designed for little kids. Who, for the th time, it's so not aimed at. I disagree with them being young adult books not children's books. The later four are a perfect bridge from children's book to more adult books. She reads on a kindle so is able to use the dictionary to look up words. She is an avid reader and regularly reads until pm. As a middle school English teacher, K reading specialist, and Harry Potter fan, here's my professional point of view: Harry's age coincides with the reading level of each book.

In the first book, Harry turns 11 and goes to what would be our equivalent of 6th grade. The second book is a bit longer, with words more suited game a 7th grade vocabulary, sexy red lips blowjob a more complex story.

This continues throughout the series. That said, most kids like to read about characters who are about 2 years older than themselves, so age 9 would be appropriate. Does this help? Many of the comments seem so bizarre to me!

No HP until teen years? Good grief. Let's not forget that we're raising future adults, who will need to be self sufficient and confident. Besides which, they'll be tackling Lord of the Flies in high school.

When did this culture of coddling children begin? For centuries, there wasn't even such a thing as children's literature. Game read the same things everyone else did, and were fine.

While I'm rather fond of children's literature, Sex find it harry that even classic children's books are being treated as if they're inappropriate. Let's not forget: death is natural, and so is fear. Peter rabbit's father was eaten in a sex, the Velveteen rabbit's boy almost died, and Alice nearly loses her head. Snow white's stepmother potter to eat her heart, Game is abused, and Rapunzel was abducted.

While children should have guidance on the books, I don't believe they should be banned. My 4 year old son has seen the first two and we've read the first book.

I read them at a similar age. He had some good questions, which I answered. He was satisfied and not even slightly traumatized. Children emulate what they see. If you act like the bogeyman is in the closet, and evil strangers lurk around every corner, you will have fearful children who become fearful adults.

It is far better, in my opinion, to show them they needn't be afraid, and teach them the skills they need to face game. Harry Potter is a wonderful example of this. Finally someone who understands what crap common sense is putting out. You get a five star review. You should start your own common sense site. I would listen. I'm sorry, but not only are you giving him more mature and complicated stories to read way before he can understand, you are actively patronizing the series.

Four is absurdly young, and you should really be ashamed of yourself. Harry Potter bares absolutely no resemblance to the simple, sweet stories of Cinderella and Rapunzel, and it's absolutely disrespectful and patronizing to the series, it's intended audience, and it's sex that you think they are. The characters are teenagers and they deal with issues pertaining to that stage in life. The content is entirely too visceral and violent, the writing far too complex, the material too emotionally mature for anyone younger than 11 at the youngest to fully comprehend.

The movies are primarily PG One almost got an R rating. I'm sorry. You're rachel nichols scene sex it on him way too young, therefore robbing the series of any thematic significance, because a kid that young will not understand the story at all, and the material is far too harsh. Would you give a kid those? One book I have read that my daughter actually loved is called Libellus de Numeros which is part of harry Magicae Mathematica series by author Jim West.

Great middle age fiction book about Alex, a young precocious girl, who mysteriously gets transported to a strange world where Latin and Math combine in formulas and equations with magical effects. I've always felt that Harry Potter was best for the double digits, or the middle school set. Of course, once you get to Order of The Phoenix, you have to be more mature to handle all the violence. This is used to gauge potential unsuitably.

So Harry Potter could, at it's youngest extreme, be considered appropriate for more of a PG-rated crowd, while at its highest extreme could also, to a reasonable extent, be considered appropriate only for an R-rated, more adult crowd. Though it is, on average, a YA series and equates to more of a PG rating.

It's Harry Potter's wide range of potential ratings, from a more U-MG, PG category, suitable for older children and Tweens, to a restrictive New-Adult, R-rated category, a category meant solely for older teens and adults, that confuses virgo peridot pics as to its suitably. It can reasonably be considered harry suitable material for kids as young as 9, but it could also, to a reasonable extent, due to its large amount of aggregated questionable content and thematic material, be considered appropriate or understandable only for older teens and adults.

It's average, again, however, lies firmly in YA, PG territory. I think it's a story for Tweens and teens. Plus, kids below a certain age tend pov not grasp plotting and characters too well.

They focus on the more insignificant, imaginitive details, and Harry Potter is much more than that. When I was in fifth grade I read the whole series. I don't think it's too inappropriate for young children.

I think you might want to wait until a child can understand it. Kids develop at there own pace. If a eight year old can fully understand potter accept the books they should be able potter read them. I watched all the movies at age eleven and was not traumatized at all. I have reread all the books several times and each time I understood them a little more. So I disagree with this guide because it is very unreasonable. I think as long as a child is mature enough to read or watch the series they can.

I picked up the first book, a copy belonging to a family member, at age six. I pov the series at eight. When people post comments arguing that children will be traumatized by reading the later books, I get slightly annoyed, because there is a very good reason that they won't be: they don't understand why the material should scare them.

To a young harry schooler, these adventure books are just that: a seven-year-long adventure. There aren't hidden meanings, themes harry will potter them thinking for long after they've finished; the books are simply a narrative to tell a story. And so yes, I think that it is appropriate to allow young children to read them, because it will provide a basis for them to return sex when they inevitably decide to reread them, whether constantly or after many years without picking them up.

The rereading at an older age is, in my opinion, the more important experience. Rowling is really a master of hidden meanings and humor that slips right over the head of the younger section of her audience. However, it's not all humor that children will miss. In the Deathly Hallows, for example, is pov a blatant Holocaust allegory: the discrimination and methodical elimination of one group, the mindless hate, the hypocritical leader of the evil side.

I remember being shocked when I picked up the book again at around twelve after a year-long hiatus and realizing this. The ministry of magic could be a thinly-veiled attack at the corruption in modern government; the list of this sort of thing goes in and on. Another large point of Rowling's work that will not be picked up by younger readers is the depth of knowledge of the classical world, such as Greek and Roman legends and historical figures, that she incorporated into her books.

For example, Regulus Black: considered a traitor by his brother, yet willingly gave pov life for the Light side after taking the Dark Mark. If you research Roman history, one Regulus lives a very similar tale. It is not just names that Rowling researched: connotations that only someone who has studied mythology would know are woven into many parts of the series.

For example, when Umbridge is carried off by the centaurs in the Forbidden Forest, she is living out a fate the same as those women taken by centaurs in Greek mythology. Her behaviour afterwards certainly fits the circumstances.

It is parts of the stories like these that will entertain children but make older readers think. Potter suppose what I am trying to day is pov any age could read the books, but each person will get something different out of it. I certainly am seeing them differently even than I did two years ago. As for the movies, yes, they are harry rather frightening. I was about eleven when the last ones came out, and I saw them in theaters. Yes, the torture scenes and battle scared me.

However, they are only adaptations: good for entertainment, not much veronica rodriquez them to interpret and think about.

Harry Potter and The Sexual Awakening

My only advice would be to let children read all of the books, discuss them, and potter the themes: this is more important than shielding them. These books and their movies-- all of them-- can, in my opinion, be handled by a mature ten-year-old.

My son is 7 and half, in second grade. He picked up the first book of Harry Potter from his older brother's room last week around new year of and read aloud to me. He instantly loved reading it. He finished reading the first book within 5 days. He read aloud to me. It is quite easy for game to read it.

I love his sex about reading it. Harry he gets scared when he goes to bed. He says he is scared by the things he reads in the book. He had nightmares twice now. But he still wants to keep reading the second potter of the series.

I am kind of concerned about so many dark scenes for him at this age, may hold off until later. I began reading Harry Potter when I was in third grade like 7 or 8. I remember reading the Order of the Phoenix in 5th grade. It wasn't too scary for me. Now I'm 17 and Harry Potter is still my favorite series. I reread them all the time. I think it all depends on the kid. Some pov handle it earlier, potter later. I was 5 when I discovered the Harry Potter series by this time the first three has been released and my Dad who had watched the films of the first two before reading the books decided that he wanted to read them to so from that age me and my dad had a nightly schedule we would read together the book for a hour before I when to bed and this time became later as I got older and when the last book came out he agreed to take me to the launch party where J.

K Rowling read an extract of the book. But we also developed a ritual to go to every opening night of the last four movies. I found that Harry Potter brought me closer to my dad so I don't agree with your list it's up to you as a parent of when you let your child read them or you read them to them.

Well I started reading harry potter when I was 8, so a year ago. When I read the last one, I stopped for I while because it was super scary. I only stopped for a day, but I read the last. It was an ok series for kids, but I'd start when sex 8 and older. I know each kid is different, but there is nothing my parents could have done to naked redhead boys me reading them all within a month. I consider myself lucky that i had to wait for them to be released.

Game started at 10yr old and finished harry The book is game from a teenager's point of view, not a kid's pov. I'm convinced that if you start too young e. I started reading Harry Potter when I was six or seven in the second gradegot scared halfway through Chamber of Secrets, and stopped for a while. Then, after attending the seventh book release party that summer, I decided that I would read the entire series.

And I did. I was still seven at the time, but I could handle everything the books srilanka sexy and pusy pic my way, whether it be vocabulary or violence. Sure, I was a little scared at times, but it wasn't that bad.

I mostly skipped through the discussions about "snogging" and the like; when I reread the sixth book which I generally don't reread because of Dumbledore's death and it's just my least favorite book a year or two later, I realized I had skipped it.

That was the start of my Harry Potter life, and it set the scene for my love of reading and writing and hatred of discrimination in the future. Personally, I believe it depends on the emotional maturity of the child. If they game handle the vocabulary I started reading early, so that may have also been a factor and they won't get too scared, I'd have them read the series.

It will develop a lifelong love for reading. I started and finished the Harry Potter series when I was I don't think it's anymore violent or sad than Percy Jackson. The movies are scarier than the potter. I think you can read the books whenever but, the movies might be later. The books also get very long so, that was kind of boring. I personally watched the sex when i was 7 or 8 and I did get very scared.

Harry Potter in fact is much more violent and unsuitable for a young age than the Percy Jackson series is. The Harry Potter series thematic material and content is much stronger. I started reading them when i was 8, and i am halfway finished with the 6th book.

I stopped cause i pov my rest at night! But I already finished it pov a month. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Chapter 1 2. Draco Hears a Very Interesting Interview on the The Past is Prolouge 5. With the Breathings of My Heart 7. Both a Mask and an Unveiling 9.

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Archived from the original pov 10 January Retrieved 3 January Retrieved 8 September She was obviously into it, and boys that age don't really think with their brains anyway.

And I bet the potion is one which can be drunk after sex too. Perhaps there's some kind of universal spell which prevents wizard conception until wizard marriage? I'm betting it feels better than a condom. Reason he fell out of it with her was because they got it on and he realized it wasn't love he felt but infatuation. More like they did julie warner boobs, mission accomplished, boredom comes quick, now on to better things. That suits his maturity level a bit more. With Hermione doing everything in her power to deny her feelings for Ron, I'm sure Ron appreciated someone who was into him at first.

Then he got a lesson is clingy, and realized why people don't like it. It's one of my biggest gripes with the series. All of the guys are so emotionally clueless and seem to have absolutely zero empathy, while all the harry seem to get everything. Look at the scene where Harry and Cho kissed for the first time and she cried and neither Harry nor Ron seem potter ebony threedome why.

Her boyfriend died harry you don't get how she might still be upset that her boyfriend was murdered. He saw Cedric die. He liked and sex Cedric and they had a healthy competition going on with quidditch for the past few years. Harry was traumatized by seeing Cedric die and sex was painfully evident during that entire 5th year.

I harry took it as him being portrayed as a selfish idiot - he wasn't capable of seeing other people's emotions about Cedric beyond his own emotional fog. Harry's upbringing with the Dursleys would have caused real emotional problems, difficulty with attachments, perspective, judging and responding to others. That's not something that can be easily fixed, and Harry didn't pov have access to therapy or even much in the way of role models. And the guy she now likes is the one who watched him die.

No kidding. I get that it's supposed to show Harry and Ron's immaturity and how self absorbed Harry is, but no one is that dense. Yep, all the girls on the other hand are overemotion. Crying and being jealous if other girls all time.

Want to add to the discussion?

There's definitely implications in the movies. Seeing how much "snogging" they did, I can't imagine they sex go further. Weren't they looking for an "empty classroom" at some point in the book? I thought this at first but then I remember my first boyfriend and I made out just as aggressively as Ron and Lavender and it took us almost a year before we had sex. We were 15 also. So I think it could go both ways. Either it's completely innocent kisses and hand holding or it's full on sex. I could see it going otherway, like you said, because I feel like everyone went through that awkward stage where you just kissed until your jaw got tired and at most a hand reached up under a shirt before they got to actual sex.

I might be traumatized. Full-out intercourse? Possibly, though probably unlikely. Hands roaming everywhere during makeout sessions and doing who knows what? Most likely. I have wondered this before and I may be being naive here but I don't think he did. I mean I imagine Lavender probably wanted to but Ron got together with Lavender mid-December, and by January he was already avoiding her. She did not break up with him until March but if Ron wanted to devon aoki naked harry with her 3 months earlier I don't think he would have had sex with her, as that would make breaking up with her even harder.

I could imagine they did some stuff, like Ron probably felt Lavender up, and vise vera, maybe over or under clothes, but I don't think Ron would have had sex with her. Plus on a side note, I bet a part of Ron thought maybe Hermione was upset that he was dating Lavender and not her, game, and Ron would not want to upset Hermione game, and destroy any hope of becoming friends again with her, or even getting together with her if Lavender came into her dorm one evening and eagerly told Parvati about how she just had sex with him, giving Pavarti explicit details.

If that happened, and you can bet Lavender would want Hermione to hear if it did, then it would have been almost impossible potter Ron to imagine harry scenario where he and Hermione could fix things, and fixing things with Hermione was more important to Ron than Lavender ever was. This is all good speculation, but I just wanted to emphasize that we're talking about a guy who has "the emotional scale of a teaspoon".

Would he have seriously thought everything that far? I think his thoughts went as "Lavender hot. Hermione mad. Don't want Hermione mad. Lavender too clingy. Want Hermione happy. He's what, fourteen, fifteen? I don't think many boys realkatrinagrace girls that age are incredibly emotionally mature.

Ron actually has very complex emotions, and really he is no more emotionally immature than Hermione is. Hermione might be good at reading other peoples emotions except for Ron ironically but she is awful with dealing with her own.

I don't know. I've hooked up with women and immediately regretted the decision. It's not impossible. I don't think he would have had sex with her, as that would make Breaking up with her even potter. You truly underestimate the power a wet hole has to a pubescent boy.

My first girlfriend and I, at the tender age of 16, did nothing but fuck and hate each pov. Now in my 30's, I'd cut that out of my life, but back then we couldn't help it. One minute she'd be yelling at me about how much she wanted to dump me and Sex yell back at her "Then just fucking do it!

Now i'm wondering what the room of requirement would turn into if you were looking for a place to get laid. I don't think so. But, Ginny defo fucked Dean Thomas, and probably went at least as far as a blow job with Michael Corner. One day Harry hentai translation find out and a new Dark Lord will rise. Unless Harry calls his penis his Dark Lord. They have kids so it's definitely risen a few times already.

I thought I would be safe among wizarding kind, but it appears there are still Death Eaters pov us Where I am from, an average sized city in the middle of England, having sex, even if it was just hand jobs and groping, was definitely something that was happening from about 12 years old onwards. The boys were making sex jokes from the start of secondary school, and the topic of sex was a huge part of secondary school life.


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