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But the proceeds from that are a drop in the bucket compared to the money they make on merchandise, ticket sales, and broadcast rights. Is that what it is? Plain and simple.


Sports Lists. This Washington cheerleader isn't shy Minor Adjustment The Texans were only founded inbut in just 12 years their cheerleaders have become one of the league's elite squads. Of course, Texans fans would probably trade that distinction for a Vince Lombardi trophy. Criss Cross will make ya I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of these ladies got whiplash from snapping their necks like that.

Another from Washington Ziplining over the stadium? Death Defying The Dolphins cheerleaders like to make music videos while shooting their annual sex sophie evans in exotic tropical locations.

This GIF is from one of those videos.

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Spashy Spalshy Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will keep the New England Patriots cheerleaders from doing their thing. Dancing in the Rain It's just like Sesame Street, only with more butts.

Counting Is Fun! I'm not sure what's going on here, but I like the red boots. Texans Cheerleaders Dance Party? You can keep your Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I'll take the Dolphins cheerleaders any day of the week. And I'm not even a Dolphins fan.

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Go Dolphins! The Saints cheerleaders are called the Saintsations. So I didn't just make that "Saintsational" pun up all by myself. Saintsational At the Hubert Newchloe18 nude. Humphrey Metrodome, apparently.

Who knew? Where Waldo? Not even the Dolphins' creepy mascot could keep me from enjoying this GIF. Now Just One Girl, One Mascot In photography and videography, the rule of thumb is always shoot people from above because it minimizes weird shadows and double chins. However, that's only for regular people. Camera Loves Her The Broncos always put a respectable cheerleading squad on the field. Dolphins Singing Well, those videos are pretty goodusually.

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I meant they are absolutely awesome. Even More Dolphins Singing!

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The football team is having The Iowa State Spirit Squad consists All Rights Reserved. Powered By Wordpress. Cheerleaders - page 6. Aug 20, Aug 14, Aug 12, Aug 11, Jul 23, Jun 26, Wyatt Jun 3, J Bryant May 6, Wyatt Apr 7, Mar 27, Mar 12, Feb 13, Jan 17, Oct 6,

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hot college cheerleaders gifs kick buttowski xxx The fact that NFL cheerleaders exist is pretty absurd when you think about it. I mean, I know the whole point is to titillate. Sex sells. I get that. Does it sell football? Because I think people are already sold on football.
hot college cheerleaders gifs pure homemade sex Update: Apologies… seems like we jumped the gun. Is there ever a bad time to look at hot cheerleaders? No matter how your bracket is going, we have some amazing GIFs that'll cheer you right up--and all the way through March Madness As one internet commenter puts it, "At least one person in the United Center is getting a ring this year. The approaching weekend means two things: great college football games and our awesome schedule that pits the cheerleaders of each school against each other. It's general consensus these are pretty much the only instances that Alabama can lose, as far as CFB is liam harkmoore.
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