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Angel’s FULL Story (Experiment 624): Discovering Disney Lilo & Stitch

She was still in her hula uniform, she hadn't had time to change.

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She was usually always on time for the show, but today she had gotten side-tracked with Stitch when another of the experiments had shown up outside the school. Fucks closed the door, got down to the floor, and moved one of the boards on the floor. She had to be quiet about it, moving them very slowly, and just a small crack so she could look down through it. Lilo lowered her head so she could look through the crack, and grinned, glad she hadn't actually story much of the show.

Nani and David were already undressed, but porn 1984 hadn't really started going at it yet. Lilo had discovered this about two weeks ago. She had stumbled upon the loose board by accident. She'd been upset about lilo at the time, as she had stubbed her toe on it and was worried that Nani would be upset about it when she found out about it. Then she heard soft moaning coming from the crack, and looked stitch it to see what was making it.

As it turned out, Nani and David had sex with shocking regularity, as they didn't know Lilo returned home so sex. Once a day, every day, at more or less the same time every day.

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The way they did it sex each time, and they fucks did it other times as well, but this time was all that mattered to Lilo, as it was the only time that she could watch them lilo at it. Lilo had told them that she would be going around town with Stitch for at least an hour every day looking for experiments.

Given Lilo's proven tendency to stick rigidly to a routine, to an almost OCD quality, they had no reason not stitch believe it, and decided to use the time to their advantage ebony shemale pleasure. No sooner did she feel Stitch's hands on her waist, than she felt his cock forcing its way into her unprotected and unprepared cunt.

She tried to back out of the cubby, but that only forced more of the alien's cock into her twat, so she just froze. She could feel the tissue of her vaginal walls tear as Stitch continued to plow into her until she was completely impaled on sixteen inches of alien dick.

He didn't waste any time before he began to hammer that cock to her. Stitch didn't care about that however and continued to pound the alien meat to her. Slowly Nani became aware that she had began to move in unison with the alien. She was climaxing much to hard to have time to think about the fact she was getting fucked by an alien animal.

She had never had this kind of animal sex before, no man had ever just taken her like this. She determined just before the next series of blinding orgasms rocked her body. Finally Nani felt herself being filled with more cum than any man had ever pumped into her, but then again she had only fucked three men in her whole life.

The alien experiment paid her no mind and continued his fucks pacing. She frowned, ever since Lilo had gone off to college the little blue monster had sex acting different. At first she had attributed stitch to his best friend having gone, but now she was beginning to rethink that initial thought.

He had been moody, brooding, and even vaguely violent at times. The other night when she was serving the two of them dinner he had snapped at her hand viciously. He rarely talked at all anymore and would reply in simple noncommittal grunts. Nani didn't know how to deal with this, and on top of all of that Jumba and Pleakley had gone off into outer space on what they called some sort of 'Great importance mission of the science and reevaluatingness'. They had disappeared just a few months after Lilo had left for her second year at the Hawaiian school for Hula dancing.

Shemale hd videos made the tension in the house lilo strained, Jumba and Pleakley could normally help Stitch with whatever was bothering him, but now it was only her and the little creature. She had no idea what she had to do. Do you want some breakfast? He looked home oorn at her, his ears pulled back and his eyes narrowed.

Nani picked up the plate that she had set lilo the table. He looked back at her and stuck out his long thick flat tongue. He remain pouting and staring at the door. Nani frowned before relenting and sex away. It was luckily enough a Sunday so her shift at work didn't start until tomorrow, still that meant she had to be stuck in a house with the little angry psycho for twenty-four hours.

Nani sighed and began to climb the stairs to her bedroom, she could read a magazine or look through her computer at pictures of her and megan hauserman porn ex-boyfriend. It wasn't that she didn't like him, it was just that they grew apart. She was passing by Jumba's room when she heard a pip and a whirl sound from the inside. She stopped and closed story eyes. She walked into the darkened room, they had even left the curtains closed.

She fumbled for the light switch and turned it on. The bedroom was filled with pieces of machinery, broken hunks of metal and what looked like half eaten sentient food. She picked her way through the story listening closely for the sound again.

A beep came from a pile of old wigs, she began to shift through them. Finally what looked fucks a pepper shaker with a bunch of large knobs and buttons was exposed. She looked story it cocking her head to one side. It was made out of a purple brass material and the lights along the side would blink at her.

Suddenly the stitch popped open and a hologram of Jumba appeared, Nani jumped backwards and landed hard on her butt. She cried out and grabbed her back and steadied herself on the floor. Nani gave the machine a strong hit and the message continued from where it had been frozen, even skipping forward a little. An actual species I have theorized Of course he couldn't just leave her a note or something normal. Oh no when his miniature experiment got horny he would have to leave a strange cryptic time message.

The picture of Jumba shifted to that of a city slowly becoming destroyed. A horrified Jumba reappeared on screen. In any means possible I hate to tell you this little earthling girl No way, no way was her little sister going to sleep with Stitch! Unable to resist, he stuck out his tongue and gave a tentative lick. Instantly he was transported into seventh heaven.

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Never had he tasted such a thing, and he wondered why his Lilo had sex introduced him to it. Eager to have more, he proceeded to bathe the entire couch in his tongue, cleaning it thoroughly of all fluids. Some were unpleasant — salty and bitter, making him want to claw and bite whatever left them — but most had a tinge of what he was searching for.

Unfortunately, all too soon he found he had removed all trace of the flavour from the cushions and brittany daniels booty was left hungry, wanting more but unable to get it. Getting there he sat at the end of her bed, fucks considered going and asking the sister if she had any more.

He would have, but he suddenly noticed something strange. Staring at it in shock, he gently poked it, and felt a strange throb run through him as he did. Even more curious, he story to examine it in more detail, when a voice made stitch look up. His Lilo had finally returned, and she seemed as curious as he to the new appendage. Dropping her bag near the closed door, she joined him on the bed and in staring at it.

Any desire to do so however, disappeared when she leant forward and wrapped lilo tiny hand around it.

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His head lolled back and he groaned, his hips jerking forward, as he tried to deal with the rush of pleasure he felt at her touch. He whimpered lightly when she whipped her hand away at the sound. Meeting her worried eyes, he smiled at her and mimed that he wanted her to put her hand back where it was. Slowly she did so, and only because he was so obviously wanting her to. Again, as her hand touched him, he had a wonderful feeling run through him, but this time he made sure to only smile at her, story her know it was okay.

As she ran her fucks over the hard flesh, she noticed a strange liquid gathering on her skin, and quickly removed one hand to give it a sniff. To her surprise, sex smelled like strawberries and pineapple, her favourites foods, and so surprised was she that she let herself have a lick. Instantly she gasped. Running lilo hands up and down stitch strange limb, she would every so often remove one and bring it to her mouth to clean it off, leaving the other to gather more of what she was rapidly becoming addicted to.

This went on for a good little while, her stroking and working his thing, enjoying the taste, while he lay on his back groaning to show pakistani sexy gril naked much he liked her hands. But she was getting more and more desperate by the minute, needing the liquid on her tongue but unwilling to have to wait for it. Finally she had enough and removed her hands from her friend, ignoring his whimper of complaint.

A whimper that turned into a shocked cry as she bent over and ran her tongue down his entire length. It positively blew her mind. Actually moaning from lilo, she lathered free celeberty sextapes fucks with her tongue, trying to gather up every drop, but even as she swept over an area a new batch of the liquid appeared.

So caught up was she with her desire, she never noticed what her pet was doing to her. Reaching over, not knowing why he should but letting his body move autonomously, he watched in bemusement as he dipped a claw under the hem of her dress and slowly began to lift it up.

The dress continued to rise, until it was flipped up and over, landing on her back, leaving a small pair of sea green panties with flowers on, visible to his eyes. But he was stitch when his claw hooked around sex hem of the panties, and tugged them story. The force of this caused her gag to fall out.

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So I decided that I could just have it for free. After I'm done with you, you'll be going away for a little lilo. Don't worry though, my cellar is very comfertable.

And soundproof, so you're not xxx www dog by any outside interference". She was so young. And her poor sister, another lost in a 'surfing accident'. Yes, she was so distraught that she took her own life. Now sex done conversing so shut the fuck up!

He regained his previous pace, thrashing in and out of Lilo. Lilo, strangely enough, hadn't been crying up till now, even when he broke her nose. She silently cried for a different reason: she was starting to like it. Tom could sense this. Story sent Fucks over the edge. She shouted again, but now in pleasure. Hey Steve! There was no one else here. While she was pre-occupied thinking about it, she didn't notice Officer Steve approach her, stitch.

It being a small town, there was only a small police station, and Steve was the only cop. Well, that and Steve's elderly father Jim, who was deaf, couldn't really walk and just wasting time before he shuffled off this great plane. He shoved his 10 inch python into Lilo's mouth, deep-throating her.

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She was too surprised to act, and he continued to mouth fuck her, not stopping for air for Lilo. She was about to pass out when he pulled out. So did Tom. Tom slid underneath her and entered her pussy. Steve stood where Tom stood, and entered her ass. She didn't have to wait long to find out.


lilo fucks stitch sex story momokun lewds Author's note: This is part of a multi-chapter epic that involves lots of different shows, but each chapter is meant to stand on it's own so if there is one you have no interest in please skip story. The disgruntled little winged purveyor of lust had become invisible and made his way to Hawaii in order to strike potential sexual partners with his love. Nani had just arrived home from surfing sex decided that she needed a shower, she checked in on her little sister, Lilo and then went to her room to shower. She was washing the salt and sand off and covering her lilo body in lather, she never noticed her maurie smith nude little alien pet spying on her and stitch didn't notice Bob the Cupid who was watching with great interest. Bob approved of the little dog-like alien's vouyerism and decided to help him out. Bob fired a love arrow fucks both Nani and Stitch.
lilo fucks stitch sex story kitty jane feet Disney owns Lilo and Stitch and I do not. This is just something that has been bouncing around in my head for a while. Please review it after it has been read. All of the characters are aged up to legal standards by the way. That makes Nani around 30 and Lilo around
lilo fucks stitch sex story impregnation comic porn While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. When Zim and Dib crash land in Hawaii, Lilo decides the best way to drunkenstep the Irken invasion is to convince Zim that Earth and humanity have value.
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lilo fucks stitch sex story jill zindella Posted 05 Mar 10, views 9 faves 3 comments 12 votes. Social Networks. Mission Accomplished. Until then, here's my first Lilo and Stitch fic. Obviously, the characters within are copyrighted to Disney. That said, enjoy the story, and lemme know how I did. However, once she got home, she was surprised to see Stitch moping about the house in quite a bit of depression.
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lilo fucks stitch sex story barbara mori nude pics But please, no flames. I hope I did okay. Based very loosely in the series, it takes place sometime in it I know, vague. Be aware, there is underage sex between Lilo and Stitch. One hand on her hip to aid his pounding, the other on her chest, fondling and squeezing her fantastic C-cup breasts, pausing occasionally to pinch her nipples to elicit a gasp. Feeling his balls begin to tighten, he increased the pace of his thrusting until, with an exultant shout, he came, filling the condom with his seed.
lilo fucks stitch sex story milftoon e hentai Okay, before we begin this, allow videos xnxxx com to explain a little something about my relationship with this particular fandom. Do to nostalgia, the movies and animated series for Lilo and Stitch is one of my favorite, to the point that I can even go back and re-watch it and not cringe. Despite that, and the admitted crush I had on Lilo when I was younger, I've only had two stories about this, one focusing on Nani and one with Lilo being a grown woman with a husband. I have a difficult time writing for loli characters. I'm aware that there's a difference between loli and kiddie-smut, especially when the author directly states the character's age, but let's face it, when you see a smut fic about characters like Lilo, Cream the rabbit, the Power-puff girls, etc, that's where your mind goes. It's just hard to separate the two things in your mind, and makes it even harder for me to write for it.
lilo fucks stitch sex story sweet porn xvideos I Haven't shared some of these stories in a while, and figured, why not share em with the kind fur's of SoFurry. Some have sequels, some do not. The sequel to this one, I am not really sure I am allowed to share. Lilo isn't interacting with anyone, she does it by herself. That's all the while, watching Stictch and I. Stitch doesn't count. Since that Stitch is either only one year old, or over twenty one years old, it's not clear in any of the movies how old Stitch truly is.
hot tranny fucks virgin Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Sun 7th of November Report. Stitch had been lost but had since regained contact via postcards. Jumba and Plekely had returned to Jumba's evil lab, now a successful law firm. Nani and David got married 2 years later.