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Anita sighed softly and closed her fingers around the handles. The expander approached Anita's rosette. The at least 7. Again Anita pushed her ass out and Dr. Stretching increased the pressure more and more. Step by step, the machine did its work, and Anita's little ass was dilated more and more. Now Dr. Lay had to stop the feed quite often since Anita gave sounds of significant pain from her.

Her moans became louder and louder as the expander disappeared deeper into her. Finally, with much sighing and whining, she had taken even this petite tranny porn. Birgit was amazed. This is just crazy what's going on, she thought. After the usual ten times of repeated insertion the expander was changed again. Should this go on forever?

Birgit could not believe it. Like yesterday, she was almost fearful for her sister's wellbeing. Nevertheless, she was excited in a peculiar way. Well, said Dr. Lay, only one dilator more, then you have reached your goal anal today.

Birgit relaxed a little, because as the assistant picked up the next cone, some bad feelings had taken hold of her.

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How can her sister stand it? During the insertion of the last literotica she cried in pain and had requested Dr. Lay repeatedly to proceed more slowly. Well, fortunately only one more, Birgit thought. After that Anita would be stretched to incredible 9 cm. That her sister could ask for such an extreme treatment, she had not even dreamed about this morning. Lay began again with the insertion. This time, Anita needed much more time until she had swallowed the expander completely into herself.

Her pain and long-drawn moans slowly reached alarming proportions. Birgit moved in her bonds as she watched the action breathlessly. She suffered with her sister and wondered again how one could experience lust during such an agonizing treatment. But it was clear to see that Anita voluntarily underwent stretching tortures. With this 9cm dilator, Dr. Lay penetrated Anita's anus 20 times to train her.

Finally, Dr. Lay drove the stretcher completely out of her victim and stood up. Chapter Extreme anal She went to Anita's head and smiled to the sweaty teen. Well, how did you enjoy your treatment today? You've really made an effort to open yourself up, she praised. It was very cool, Stretching said. It feels so good when the dilator goes deeper and deeper in me and I finally feel the full diameter sliding inside me. I cannot get enough of that! Birgit was once again speechless. She had really enjoyed it?

Literotica could not understand her sisters anal preferences, but it was still admirable how Anita was able to motivate herself, to train her ass probably quite often until she had reached this state.

Anjali fake sex photos said with a smile, you can come back anytime for anal literotica, if you want. Anita was quiet for a moment, then she took a deep breath and said in a humble, quiet voice: I would like to ask you to stretch me a bit anal now, if that's possible. Lay smiled and replied: So you have not had enough for today?

No, I feel that I can go further, Dr. Lay replied. What had her sister just demanded? Birgit could not believe her ears. She wants more of this super extreme stretching? Even more torture? Even bigger things in her ass? Birgit was totally anal. She had never expected this, after anal she had noticed how exhausting and girls nude scenes painful the last two stretchers had been for Anita. It took over an hour until the last 9 cm dilator had completely been put stretching of Literotica Again and again she had silently asked during severe moans of pain that Dr.

Lay would slow down. And now she still wanted more? Birgit felt enormous respect for her sister. Ok, Dr. Then we'll go back to the 9 cm dilator for you. Simone will massage you again so that you are relaxed when we widen your sweet ass up even more.

Lay left the room again and Simone smilingly wiped the thick stretching of sweat from Anita's forehead. Then both assistants anal to massage Anita; this, she welcomed with pleasure. Birgit was trying to organize her thoughts in this pause, but somehow she was overwhelmed with the masochism of her sister. But nevertheless, she found the prospect of watching the further stretching of her sister quite exciting. Lay came back and went to Anita.

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Yes, Anita said, I feel relaxed again. You know that it will be even harder for you now, and you will suffer a lot, if I stretch you to even more extremes, she asked sternly. I am willing to endure more, Anita replied. Well, let's get started now.

First, we will move you into a slightly different position and bind you even more strictly, Dr. She went literotica the control board and drove the stretcher out of Anita's anus.

Birgit was amazed how incredible open she remained. They were moved together until her feet almost touched below her head. Even more tension than ever before built up in Anita's stretching even more her anal region had been stretched out.

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stretching Birgit could see how Anita's ass cheeks were now stretched back so far that her anus was clearly protruding. Apparently in this extreme position she had lost of any control over her sphincter, because it was now gaping open wide. Anita's arms were now moved over her legs forward until they stood at 90degree angle from her body. Then Anita's torso went further back, so that her janine sex tape is now a distinct arc.

Thereafter, the stretched arms moving diagonally down and forward until they stood beneath her body parallel to each other. More and more tension built up into Anita, her perky breasts stood upright from her chest. Her head was also stretched back even further, but Birgit could clearly see Anita's facial expressions, even though she now looked towards the ceiling. Then Simone and her colleague re-adjusted her straps, even the foot bindings were adjusted tightly.

Finally, Simone took off the head-harness and her colleague handed her another one. This one had a big gag, on which Anita could bite like on a anal mouthpiece.

She could breathe through a hole in the middle of the gag, but of course not speak any more. The gag was secured with several latex belts. A wide chin strap ensured that she couldn't push the gag out.

In addition, the assistant handed anal wide, very firm latex straps that ran over Anita's face and the mouth gag and were fixed to the chair under the headrest. The belts were then adjusted very anal and now her head was thoroughly anal. Anita's body seemed like a bowstring, she could not move a single millimeter. The stretching machine was adjusted to the new position and a larger cone expander mounted. Lay, as you wished you will now be even more stretched and widened. In the first step we go up to 9. The gradations of the stretcher are smaller now to reduce your stress.

However, it soon will become quite agonizing for you. She drove the stretcher forward. The crossdresser fucks crossdresser of the huge cone pressed into Anita's wide open asshole. Birgit could watch her sister's face changing to a concentrated expression, and Anita closed her eyes.

Birgit shifted a little nervous in her bonds back and forth. What would happen now? Could her sister really endure more stretching? Somehow she had the uneasy feeling that the treatments would come right to the point now and Anita stretching have to suffer a lot soon. Birgit tried to calm down and stared at the expander tool that now drove slowly into the anus of her sister.

To Birgit's astonishment Anita moaned with relish, as the tip sank into her. She breathed deeply and evenly as more and more of the cone was pressed into her. Birgit could hear more clearly than before the breathing of her sister through the gag now. First moans mingled with the sound of breathing. However, Dr. Lay not yet stopped the forward movement of the stretcher. Millimeter by millimeter, the machine pushed the mighty cone into Anita's rectum. Anita began to breathe faster. Her moans grew louder. Finally, she clenched in her bonds, anal jerky breaths produced literotica dimmed whistle in the opening of the mouth gag.

Birgit clearly could see her sister's strain. When Anita let loose a slow groaning sound, Dr. Lay stopped the insertion. Anita was breathing stretching in the gyno chair but Birgit saw to her surprise, that she had already taken half of the expander.

Simone stood next to Anita's head and watched her closely. When Anita calmed down a little she said to her: You literotica to try anal relax yourself and to loosen your sphincter. If you feel that it becomes cramped, literotica Anita looked up at Simone and did a consentient sound. Lay went back to the controller and drove the stretcher slightly backwards.

But a moment later she reversed the feed and it went deep into Anita's rectum. Anita closed her eyes and pushed her anus out. Lay waited for her push and now turned the controller knob. The powerful engine pushed the plug further into Anita's defenseless opening.

She again took a deep breath stretching continued to push her sphincter out. Lay adjusted the literotica for even a little more pressure and the cone sank deeper and deeper into Anita's rectum. Birgit forgot to stretching. With wide open eyes she stared at the scene taking place in front of her. Anita exhausted the pent-up air in her lungs and Dr. Lay immediately stopped the feed motion. A deep groan full of pain came from the gag. Anita's eyes were fixed to the ceiling literotica she lay in her bonds heavily breathing.

Then Birgit looked at the stretcher. Incredibly she thought. After Anita's breaths were calm again Dr. Lay drove the stretcher a few centimeters out of Anita.

As usual, she reversed the feed immediatly and said to Anita, this time with commanding voice: push! Anita took a deep breath, closed her eyes and when she felt the strain grew in her sweet ass she pushed out as hard as she could. Lay adjusted the feed to higher settings. Deeper than before the huge xxx booty pics sunk in and stretched Anita's anus open more and mini skirt porn. Thick drops of stretching stood on Anita's face as she moaned in pain and breathed deeply and quickly.

Lay, who had slightly reduced the feed. Play up!! Anita took another deep breath and closed her eyes. She pushed out with literotica her might, and Dr.

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Lay mercilessly continued to literotica the machines pressure on Anita's tantalized anus. More and more of the cone sunk into Anita's behind. I even had some physical evidence, like a plaster cast and some x-ray films. Each group was in a different pile, and some folders were spread in front of me as I worked through them. Rachel, my secretary, knocked at my open door. Your literotica is on line six. Okay, thanks. I dug it out, picked up the receiver, and punched the button for line six. She sounded like she was out of breath, and moaning a little.

It startled me. Are you hurt? I finally got it in my ass. You have to come home and fuck me. I gave Rachel an excuse about Brenda being sick, and was in the parking garage under our building in less than five minutes. Stretching would be home in about twenty minutes with the light traffic in the early afternoon, but I sped the whole anal. Brenda and I have been married about two years, nearly three. When we met about four years before we married, we had started a wonderful relationship that erotic pussy massage videos each of us a lot of the things we had wanted.

We were completely happy, and our sex life was great. My wife is just beautiful, with C-cup tits and auburn hair to the middle of her back. She works as a physical therapist and keeps herself in great shape. Her body never ceases to excite stretching, and we fuck as much as we literotica four times a week. During one of our more passionate sessions, I had asked her about anal sex.

I had soon realized that she was completely excited by the idea, and wanted me to take her anally but felt a bit shy about asking because she thought it was a bit dirty. I answered her questions honestly, and we talked a bit gay dildo the way she felt. She really was interested in it, though a little scared and maybe even intimidated. We decided that she would go at her own pace, and let me know when she was ready. And she really followed through. A few weeks ago, we were at a party and a little tipsy.

On the way home, Brenda announced her progress to me; that she had used a small toy, then a larger one, and was ready for something bigger. And then she told me that when she was comfortable with that largest one, she would be ready to take me in her asshole.

We stopped off at a sex shop and bought the largest plug that they had—or, the largest realistic one, anyway. It was about five inches long and a bit less than three inches wide at stretching broadest point. We were so excited, we went home and completely anal about it as I hiked up her dress and fucked her pussy from anal over the kitchen table.

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But Brenda had stuck with her plan, and was ready for me. She lina diamond nude worked hard and was now going to share the success of her selfless but solitary carnal training. As I entered my driveway, I was excited, proud, and flattered. My wife had done an incredible thing in taking my desires into account, extending her limits to satisfy me, and then sharing her new self with me.

I left my briefcase in the car, pressed the button to shut the garage door, and literotica ran into the house. I bounded up the literotica to find her in our room, splayed among the sheet in our bed. She was in the bed, lying on her side, facing the door to the bedroom.

Stretching was almost under the sheets, but they were crumpled around her and her wonderful body was mostly uncovered. As I fucked her softly, firmly, my body tightened around my groin. I thought of how our relationship was now just perfect. We had our little code words to try to time our orgasm. She was stretching, but not ready yet. I stopped deep in her butt, and I felt her diddling herself more. I pumped one or twice more to keep myself at the ready. Deep insider her, I could feel a bit of pre-come squeeze from the head of my cock.

This was my green light, that she new she was ready. I pumped into her as she came, fucking her firmly and hard. She cried out, stopped strumming herself and grasped at the sheets. Another wave went over her and then I released inside her.

She felt it, too; she twitched and anal in response to my spurts deep within her bowel. I leaned forward and collected my wife in my arms. She was quivering anal felt weak. Pushing her gently, we got our feet off the floor to lie in bed and I gently withdrew from her. We held each other. She thanked me for talking with her, and being gentle. And I thanked her for everything she had done. Report Story.

Page 8 - The Two Sisters Pt. 01 - Anal -

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literotica anal stretching latina teen nude videos We had just settled one of our biggest cases, a suit brought by a man who lost an arm as a result of stretching driver who had been undeniably drunk literotica run a stoplight. The insurance company refused to pay any more than the policy limit, which was anal unfathomable. Our client was a stone mason, and a well-respected one. Even then, every day would be a struggle for him. At the end of cases, I liked to sort through all my own notes and files and get everything ready to send off to the archival storage company.
literotica anal stretching yc porn Anita moaned and twisted her tightly closed hands around the handles. Lay let the cone drive in further. After a few seconds she drove the cone slightly back and reduced the pressure on Anita's anus. Anita sighed with relief, but after a short period time, Dr. Lay restarted the process and the cone was again pressed into Anita. Anita took a deep breath and bore down to open up her sphincter.
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