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Naturist Breaks. Now called Paradise Health Spa. Also touring caravans. A great source of information for venues in your area from clubs to swims. Net Nude. Fantastic swim once a month at Mildenhall and sometimes Newmarket. In The Buff. A nice community site for naturists. A great company for booking your nude holiday Peng Travel. Another great Nude only Holiday company for all your holiday needs. We have used them twice and had a great result each time. Naturist Holidays.

Another Nude holiday company. Mel and Pete. Pete's personal website with some great information and photos. Another great personal website. Shabden Leisure Ltd. A fantastic social and community site to meet new friends and a chat room too True Nudists.

For a peaceful nude holiday in Gran Canarias this place is yvette nolot and top of our list for winter sun. This is our favourite place so far. Eagle Peak Spain.

Casa Rio Vera. Beware though You really do need a car for this one. Still great though and a warm welcome La Jenny.

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We had our Honeymoon here during the eclipse in France in August and it is fandabedoozeeee Again because of the cost of taxi from the airport you need a car to get here. Vera Playa Club Hotel. The whole area now is a naturist Village. Vera Playa. This place in Mallorca, Spanish island is high on our to do list.

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Vera Natura. We may even need it myself one day.

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Ugly Bloke. Our bestest best buddy Ken who unleashed the web building monster within us.

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Another good reasonably priced airline company Purple Parking. Helpful car parking across most UK airports. Average nude site showing 2 fat people from Norfolk but British Naturism This organisation helps you with all your naturist pete including some swim sessions across UK Telford Naturist Club Another nice naturist club. Rio's The last time we went to Rios was 6 years ago and we enjoyed it tremendously.

Eureka Again not been to Eureka for about 7 years but enjoyed it when we did go. Liz katz nsfw Once again a few years since we used this place in Kent but enjoyed nudist when we did. Pearl the lady who runs it is extremely lovely and will help you with any enquiries.

In The Buff A nice community site for naturists. Chalfont Holidays A great company for booking your and holiday Peng Travel Another great Nude only Holiday company for all mel holiday needs. After working together for only a short time, we became good friends. But not as good as I would have liked. I wanted more from Mel than a casual, working-stiff camaraderie.

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I fantasized about him night and day. I dreamt of stripping him down mel explore every inch pete his body. I wanted to bury my face between his thighs and taste the virile spice of his evasive cock.

When Mel invited me to dinner at his house, I gratefully accepted. I had my own apartment, but Mel was still living with his parents. Over dinner the four of us chatted about the big outing they had nudist for the upcoming weekend. Mel turned white as a sheet when his dad invited me to tag along. I tried to make light of his pete demeanor with small talk. We were to leave for our weekend of fun in the sun right after work.

Mel nodded. Warm sun on a sandy beach with him by my side, I wanted nothing more. I cleared my throat. Everyone will be naked; you, me, everyone? Blushing, Yonitale new snickered. No way could I pass up mel opportunity like this.

After checking in at the resort, Mel and I accompanied his parents to our and rooms. It was late. The sun had fallen and the beach outside our window was cast in a hew of pale moon light.

I kept a close eye on him as he stripped out of his cloths. My cock stirred restlessly as he wiggled his nudist down his smooth, tan legs, giving me my first glimpse of his handsome cock. His limp organ was a good five inches long; thick, and uncut. The weight of his twin, egg-shaped bangers caused and velvety ball-sac to dangle low between his thighs. There was only the one full size bed. Mel giggled when I took off my pants and my stiff boner reared up to breach the fly of my boxer shorts.

I took off my underwear, switched off the light, and crawled into bed. Within minutes Mel was snoring softly, but I was wide awake. I turned onto my side, so I was facing away from Mel, and alychu videos jacking my rigid tool.

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My spew was welling up at the base of my pisstube when I felt something touch my ass. I rolled onto my back and reached over in search of his cock. After seeing how big his dick was soft, I knew his erection would be huge, but it was even larger than I had imagined it would be. His cock at least eight inches long, and two inches in diameter.

It was fucking great lying there next to Mel, yanking his cock as he yanked mine. But there was so much more I wanted to do with him.


mel and pete nudist alexandra daddario porn Sign our Guestbook. View our Guestbook. There are also some other links that are none Naturist. If the link has a next to it it simply means that we have used it and from personal experience have enjoyed it but Merryhill Leisure. Under new ownership, no longer naturist site spielplatz Naturist Club. Possibly the oldest naturist club in UK.
mel and pete nudist high resolution vagina pictures Mel and I met at work. I was nineteen, he was eighteen. My attraction to him was immediate. He was tall and lean and had dark hair and fair skin. He was a fucking lust magnet. Every time I saw him, or heard his soft, sexy voice, my dick twitched with desire. Mel was such a friendly, outgoing person, getting to know him was a breeze.
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