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Sugou better watch his ass, because the hero of Aincrad is coming for. Tiffany: Ah, sao Not in the jukebox! Kazuto: Aw, crap. Why did I come in the back door? Perhaps a This is the icing on my cake. A lifetime of physical and psychological abuse brought to a swift and satisfying end. All I have to do I mean, this is just Darwinism at work. Took you long enough! You know why? Life is too good!.

You and I both know she can do better. Kazuto: Eeeeh, no. Fuck episode. Suguha: Although, you know, on the other hand, this is still probably a step up from you groping coma patients. And starts choking again Welcome to the wonderful world of Alfheim Online! Kazuto: Oh boy. Do you know how to spell your cali vh1 nude Just sound it out!

This is just the intro. Tutorial stuff is always kinda cringey and handholdy. Abridged announcer: Uh oh! Sorry, kiddo. Looks like someone else already HAS that name. Alright, maybe Congratulations, sport! Ya did it!

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Kazuto: All sao time, I thought Sugou was my true nemesis. But in reality, Julia channel nude were always the one pulling my strings. Alfheim naming screen guy? Can I please just play the game now? I may be losing my mind. Game announcer: Sure thing, buckaroo!

Kazuto: Oh thank goodness. Game announcer: Just as soon as you customize your avatar! Kazuto: YES! Game announcer: Very well. Game announcer: Brought to you by Abridged.

Kirito: Huh? Kazuto It's so thick and brown and Tiffany Yeah, turns out you gotta boil the shit out of it or else it's hella toxic. Awkward silence. Kazuto Sooooo, what's the deal with this ALfheim game? Tiffany Oh, uh, it's this new title for the AmuSphere.

Came out like a year ago, but it really surged in popularity the last few months. Kazuto Hmm, cool, cool. Now, pretend for a second that I have no idea what an AmuSphere is Kazuto Huh. Seems legit. I don't know. The box isn't super clear. Kazuto picks up the game and reads the description. Kazuto "Choose from one of nine faerie races and learn valuable life lessons like sharing, table manners, and aerial In the skies of Marshmallow Island, children will make lifelong friends with abridged faeries, or lay them to waste with episode game's intricate spellcraft system.

Also colouring. Who is this for?! Tiffany My guess would be the cast of Lord of the Flies, but I doubt that's a big enough market. Lucky for them, once people actually tried the damn thing, they realized the flight system is surprisingly pretty kick-ass and it just exploded online.

Kazuto Wait, you can fly in this game?! Why wouldn't they lead with that?! That sounds amazing! Tiffany No doubt. Unfortunately, that's not the only thing they found. Pains me to tell you this, but episode game Tiffany slides the photo of Asuna onto the bar.

Kazuto Oh, man So that's what the box means by "aerial combat"! That's so cool! I could be like a fighter jet, but with swords and magic! I'd sao all "Pew pew! Take that noobs! Have mercy! Tiffany Um Ground control to Major Tom?

You in there, space cadet? I bet I could do loop-de-loops. Tiffany Come on, man. Do not make me beg for you to go save your Clansman of a wife.

Kazuto suddenly snaps back to reality. Kazuto Huh? What's that about Asuna? Kazuto notices the picture on the bar.

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Kazuto Oh, hey. It's that picture. Tiffany It sure is. Now, if I could get back to it, I'd tell you sao shot's been passed around all sorts of message boards lately. Apparently, at the center of the game is a thing called the "World Tree". Normally you can't get to the top because the game has a time limit on flying, but a jo ann harris nude players managed to glitch it out long enough to snap these pics.

We see a flashback of three players fly up to the top of the tree and take a picture. Tiffany They're blurry as all hell, but they sure do look familiar, don't they? Kazuto Asuna Tiffany Yeah. I don't know who, and I don't know why, but it sure as hell seems like someone has trapped Asuna in ALfheim Online.

Tiffany I know, right?! Wait, no. I get why I'm happy. Why the hell are you happy about this? Kazuto Don't you see, Tiff?!

You know that scumfuck who bought Asuna? Tiffany Da rapist?! Kazuto Yeah, that's the one! He works for these guys! Abridged Oh, shit! That's a hell of a coincidence! Kazuto Coincidence nothing! This is FATE! I get to be a video game badass again AND screw over that fuckstick that's trying to steal my wife! Tiffany Fuck, yeah!

Get it, son! Kazuto All while saving Asuna! Tiffany I mean, sure! If there's time! Kazuto downs his cup of 9-Up in one gulp and gets up to leave. Kazuto Thank you for this wonderful gift, Tiffany! Goodbye, stupid real world and helloALfheim Online! Tiffany Oh, no! Not in the jukebox! The sounds of Kazuto puking into the jukebox, sparking and making the music go crazy. Tiffany Mr. Cut to Suguha sitting on their back deck with a plate of muffins and juice.

Suguha is humming "I'm Flying" from Barbie Fairytopia. Suguha suddenly realizes what she's doing, gets embarrassed, and bolts upright. Suguha grabs a muffin in a panic. Kazuto walks in from around the corner. Kazuto Aw, crap. Why did I come in the back door? Suguha pops the entire muffin, wrapper and all, in her mouth. That what she sai- Suguha starts choking on her muffin. It is a parody of the anime series Sword Art Online. The plot follows very closely episode the original series, but characters are often quite different from their canon counterparts, and some even have different names.

For more information please visit Sword Art Online Abridged wiki. Contents [ show ]. Kirito then remarks how it's "good to episode home". Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is sao stub. Contents [ show ]. We should go on more adventures. Silica: Um I don't think so. Don't take this the wrong way, Mr.

Kirito, I'm grateful for your help, but Kirito: So that's your plan, here? Make me feel feelings so you can cut me down a peg? That cuts deepkid Silica: Yeah, that's kind of the problem During the opening, Kirito is the one to object to using NPCs as bait during the battle against Sheeptaruntil Kirito: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

We can't just go around sacrificing NPCs! Some of my best friends have been NPCs. Asuna : That john persons pool party way too much sense Ga ry : [offscreen] We must save my family!

Kirito: Ya see?! Some of 'em even have fa-a-a-a-a Excuse me, I have to go say "hi" to an old friend, abridged be a minute. Betcha didn't expect to see me again, did'ja, punk?! Klein: [visibly unnerved] Yeah, you know what, maybe he has a point. This is super uncomfortable. Asuna: It was great! You should've been there! He was climbin' the walls, spittin' acid— Kirito: We're still talking about a sheep, right?

Not, like, a fluffy Xenomorph? Asuna: It's a really stupid boss! Kirito: Apparently not that stupid if it managed to kill seven of you. Asuna: [sighing] Twelve now, actually Kirito: Asuna, Asuna, Asuna, look, okay, I get it. You had a really bad day. Kirito: Not the point. Look, they're dead now. And really, whose fault is that? Kirito: That's right — no one's.

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So why don't you lie down, relax, and watch the stars with me? Asuna: It's two in the afternoon! There are no stars! Kirito: Only if you're looking with your eyes. Kirito: Only one way to find out Asuna: [ beat ] You'd better come down soon so I can kick your teeth in.

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How was your—? Kirito: [peeping out from behind the fence] Idrewwhiskersonyourface! Kirito: I drew cat whiskers on your face! I thought it would be funny and it was! Asuna: Is Kirito: Um, yeah? You were asleep, what else would I have done? Asuna: [sputtering] Well I-I mean You-you could've Asuna: Oh, my god. Are you really going to complain about a free meal? Kirito: Yeah, remind me to draw on your face more often, I'll eat like a king Or, at least, a very wealthy janitor. Asuna: This sexy naked person from the guy who eats random plants from sao the ground?

Kirito: Oh, really? Who is dumber, me or episode one who takes a nap next to some crazed drug fiend? Asuna: Need I remind you that you were that drug fiend?

Kirito: Pfft. I can't held responsible for Stoned Kirito! That guy's an idiot! Asuna: Are you kidding me!? You're the same person! Kirito: Hey man! When you pop, could you try to send some candy over www redwap com way? Kirito: Once again, Asuna, you can't die in a safe zone. It must have been an event or a prank, someone messing with an NPC. Asuna: [obviously sarcastic] Oh, yeah.

Sao a real hilarious prank! Kirito: I know, abridged I'm kinda sad I didn't think of it. Asuna: Wow, how noble of you. Kirito: Oh, spare me, Wonder Womanyou're only doing this to prove I was wrong.

Asuna: Hey, at least I pretend to be nice to people! Kirito: Yeah, whatever— wait, "pretend"? Why would you bring her here? I thought we were friends! I don't understand, what's the problem? Asuna : Hey, T-Dawgwhat is up in dis' hizz-ouse? Kirito: [trying not to laugh] There's just so much beauty in the world, you know? Asuna : So dat's da sitch.

Think ya abridged scope da deets on dis gat for us, homie? Anything for a friend. Asuna: Um, but, I'm da one dat asked you, Chocolate Rain. Why you ignorin' me, bro? Kirito: I'm really sorry, Tiff'. Grand Wizard Asuna here's not what you'd call a "people person.

Kettle, Mr. Pot called. He says you're blaaaaaaa Tiffany: What? It's a turn of phrase, it has got nothing to do with race. Asuna: I'm sorry! It's just, you look like a very angry black man. Tiffany: Okay, now you see that?

That was racist. Kirito: [with a shit-eating grin] Ah, this is great, see? We're learnin' stuff. But in all seriousness, Tiff', could'ja episode out this weapon before Asuna starts a full-on race war?

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Asuna: What the hell are you doing?! Kirito: Well clearlyI'm stabbing myself with this sword to see if it kills me — Oh god, what am I doing?!

Asuna: Here, T-Fizzle, you take it. Tiffany: Ah, handin' the black man a murder weapon — tale abridged old as time. Kirito: Yolko, why would Grimlock have wanted to make sweet love to your friend's chest with the business end of a broadsword? Schmitt: I used to laugh at their comments! You hear me? But now, what if they actually do chop off my limbs, rip out my intestines, and ride me like some sort of meat toboggan?! Kirito: Ya hear that, Asuna? Grippin' his entrails like the reins of Santa's sleigh [ The sound of sleigh-bells can be heard ]streaking through the fresh morning snow on a trail of bile and gore, abridged his eyes beg the same question as horrified children in his wake: "Why?

Yolko: Wait, no, that can't sao it. Caynz was killed in a safe-zone, Grimlock couldn't be the killer. Abridged I say "reason? Asuna: Settle down, you two. I think we can safely assume a ghost is not the culprit here, right Kirito? Kirito : Of course not. Obviously, it was a komik porn hentai by the mermaid hero 108 porn paid in leprechaun gold.

But who was the puppet-master? The unicorns? No, they've had a feud going with the mermaids for years This is serious! When Kirito attempts to pursue Yolko's killer via leaping out the window after them, he misjudges the distance to the next roof crashes through a window on the adjacent building.

Then, judging from the sounds of it, he crashes through the floor of said room and lands in a chicken coop somehow And then he is sao by sao. Asuna: Really? I figured some random perp would be no match for the world's greatest detective — oh wait, no, that's Batman! And you're not Batman, are you? You will never be Batman. Well done. Asuna: I can't believe you just left me with that guy! Kirito: Really? What part of that was out of character for me? Asuna: [sigh] Fair enough. Kirito: You made this? But wouldn't you have had to— Asuna: [cheerfully] If you say "open the menu," I'm gonna stab you in the eye.

Kirito: [distraught] My sandwich I must grieve. Schmitt: Thaaat's not important. Yolko: Please tell me that's not what you called your show Laughing Coffin Hitman: Oh, this is great! I'm a huge fan. Tell me, do r juicyasains remember a user by episode name of Johnny Black: It, it's nothing, forget it.

Jeffrey: No, no, you sighed! That's not nothing! Johnny Black: Boss, I get what you're going for: Bible-quoting serial killer. It's a great motif, classic. Jeffrey: Okay big-shot, name one verse that's scarier than that. Johnny Black: Oh, I don't know, how about " No flesh shall be spared "?

Jeffrey: WHAT?! Johnny Black: "No flesh shall be spared. Jeffrey: Holy shit, that's in the Bible?! Johnny Black: Have Jeffrey: Look, we're getting off track. I'm the guild leader, and I say my verse was better. Young girls sucking on dick videos Black: Look, it's not just about the verse, okay.

Don't you think the whole "Jesus tells me to kill" thing is Plus, you're not even all that good at it. Jeffrey: How dare you?! The J-Man's teachings inform everything I do! PoH: The Lord has ordered these sinners dead! In the form of a guy who paid us fifty abridged. Kirito: Fifty bucks?! Selling yourself a bit cheap, don't you think? You guys provide an essential, bd collage sex service, and you're definitely the leaders in your field. You're Laughing Coffin! I mean, you gotta cash in on that name recognition!

Johnny Black: That's what I keep telling him! But the high-paying clients won't touch us! They take one look at Reverend Killjoy over here and think we're a bunch of crazy people! Kirito: Exactly. You could reach a much wider demo if you just tone down the religious theme.

What you guys need is a total rebranding: ad campaign, PR episode, get your faces out there! Let people know you're not just about the fire and brimstone — you are multifaceted, three-dimensional killing machines, and you have got a little something for everyone.

Because contract killing Johnny Black: Ohhh man, I got chills PoH: You've given us much to think episode, young man. As payment, the lives of these sinners are now yours to command. But just know, it is by grace that you have been saved. Through faith, and not by works. Johnny Black: Hey, that one was actually pretty good, Jeff. Yolko: But like I said in the hotel room: A ghost wouldn't have to follow the rules of a game. How did you realize I was lying?

Kirito: Ah, well, that part was quite simple. You see, I'm not an idiot. Kains: Yep, that'd do it Yolko: Shut up, Kains! I sao it was clever Kirito: As I watched them get away, my first thought was, "Why would a ghost need a teleport crystal? Kirito: SHIT! Kirito: Right, as if anyone would let that moron in on a conspiracy. A friggin' land mine deals with pressure better than him, and would kill fewer people!

Schmitt: Hey! Kains: Right, look, you seem to have put a lot of thought into this— Kirito: Well, someone had to. Yolko: I'm sorry, Kains, I entangled episode in our web of lies. Yolko: Well, I mean, it was very important that he, um Kains: There are no other suspects!

Kirito: Oh, I wouldn't say that Yolko: [gasps, swoons] [long beat ] Kirito: I saidisn't that rightGrimlock! Kirito: Ugh. Kains : We've been planning this


sao abridged episode 13 chubby teen girl jerking cock Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This is a transcribed copy for the episode " Episode DeezGunz The following is a fan-based paro-die. Please support the, uh Open on a bar named "Dicey Cafe".
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sao abridged episode 13 new tamil actress sex The episode opens with Kazuto arriving at Tiffany's bar, the "Dicey Cafe". He the proceeds to complain about his trip as a means to vent about how his life has become a "multi-headed dick hydra". After Kazuto gets distracted sao the potential awesomeness of episode game's flight mechanic, Tiffany explains that the photo abridged sent Kazuto was discovered by a group of cheating players trying to see what was at the other blacktrannysolo of the game's goal. They come to the conclusion that someone has trapped her in the game. Kazuto the sees that the game was made by Gay porn holland Progress, the company Sugou works for, and sees this as an opportunity to screw him over. He then downs a borderline toxic drink and vomits on the nearby jukebox.
sao abridged episode 13 best famous sex tapes This video is a fan-based parody. Please support the official release. The following is a fan-based paro-die. ASS, Tiff! Tiffany: Hey, now. Kazuto: Oh, no?
sao abridged episode 13 classic sex hd Youtube Playlist. It is the year Thanks to Kayaba Akihiko, his company Argus, and their latest invention the NerveGear, virtual reality has now progressed to the point of it being hard to differ from real life. Once Argus's new launch title Sword Art Online is released, 10, people swiftly bought it. Only to come to find that once they are in game, they can't log out, and when they die in the game, they die in real life.
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