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boynapped Actresses Gallery. Trending Articles Alia, Ranbir to have a destination wedding in Kashmir? She had a tear in her jacket which revealed a tiny bit of skin. Otherwise she looks stunning in that suit.

Skirt had visible two layers even those two were not enough to save her.

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May be she was being daring, but it was disaster. Her most awkward moments are with camera flash with shows too much than necessary. There is a thing called Camisole, go get it.

You will save yourself from further embarrassments.

Top 10 Bollywood Actresses Wardrobe Malfunctions Pictures

There pov squirt a lesson to shetty learnt from these malfunctions which is the point of this post.

Never wear a light coloured bra or panty underwear sheer clothing, always wear backless bras with deep neck and backless blouses, safely hide stiches and shilpa under the clothes, always check for tears and please please check the fir of pants and skirts on the butt.

That was my list of ten worst wardrobe malfunctions. How I could I be so bitchy?

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These poor girls! I hope you guys enjoyed it, and learned a thing or two! The malfunction where the flimsy material reveals much more than desired is way too commonly seen even in everyday life!

Maybe, it was too revealing after all.

Top 10 Bollywood Actresses Wardrobe Malfunctions Pictures

Neetu Chandra Model-actor Neetu Chandra caught in an embarrassing moment without her panties on in an event. Shamita Shetty Shamita Shetty had a weird moment when her skirt rode up momentarily in an event revealing her private parts. Some are sooo embarassing. Stopped counting Rakhi Sawant as woman from now onwards. I like this your photos of Bollywood Actress Wardrobe Malfunctions. Hahahaah really a funny post….

But it should see by these actress. WTF…Some of the photos are posted by no means. To check more embarrassing moment have a look at my website. Shriya Saran Wardrobe Malfunction.

HOT Shamita Shetty Exposed Panty-LessOMG video

Bollywood celebrities drinks a lot. Its embrassing…. Hi guys, if you are kaif fan join this facebook group. Really appreciate you sharing this blog post. Really thank you! Keep writing. Here are some that made a stir in Bollywood. Tanisha Mukherjee Kajol's sister Tanisha committed a fashion faux pas with this get-up. We don't know whether she is absolutely panty-less or just wearing a thong.


shilpa shetty underwear thewill r34 Horror horror! Bollywood celebrities pay price by losing themselves in the hands to overtly active media. Media can be unforgiving at times and thus these embarrassing moments happen a lot at award functions, press conferences, movie promotions, gyms, fashion shows and private parties. A safety pin is to rescue you but it is not meant to be shown. My lady did not realize it.
shilpa shetty underwear lesbian porn twitter For reprint rights: Syndications Today. India Today Group. Hot Bollywood heroines with wardrobe malfunction. The actress, who walked the ramp for jewellery brand AZVA, allegedly went panty less. Maybe, it was too revealing after all. Neetu Chandra Model-actor Neetu Chandra caught in an embarrassing moment without her panties on in an event.
shilpa shetty underwear mahima chaudhary nude With the trendy style being flagged off by the younger sibling of Shilpa Shetty; there was urgency that the exemplary gesture be carried forward through the flux of time. Without causing much disappointment, sincerely dedicated genres of actress saw to it that the trademark style was boosted. Much to their disgust, the petite actresses denied having been similarly photographed. Accusing shilpa concerned websites of underwear, Sonali embarked upon legal suit against the same. Neetu Chandra having been featured panty less, also thought in terms of suing the concerned website. To go by the statement issued her media aide, Neetu happened to be in the process of planning a shetty action.
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