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To check their results, the researchers compared the survey galaxies with a control group of other galaxies from the Hubble archive that lack actively growing black holes. In this group, only about one percent of the surveyed galaxies were suspected to host pairs of black holes in the later stages of merging together.

This last step helped the researchers confirm that the luminous galactic cores found in their census of dusty interacting galaxies are indeed a signature of rapidly-growing black hole pairs headed for a collision.

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umd messy riley reids big black cock massage For the first time, a team of astronomers has observed several pairs messy galaxies in the final stages of merging together into single, larger galaxies. The high-resolution images also provide a close-up preview of a phenomenon that astronomers suspect was more common in umd early universe, when galaxy mergers were more frequent. The images also presage what will likely happen in a few billion years, when our Milky Way galaxy merges with the neighboring Andromeda galaxy. Both galaxies host supermassive black holes at their center, which will eventually smash together and merge into one larger black hole. The team was inspired by a Hubble image of two interacting galaxies collectively called NGCwhich later served as a prototype for the study.
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